2020 Youth of the Year – Milayo Garner

Meet our 2020 Larimer County Youth of the Year, Milayo! Milayo is an extraordinary young women, who has overcome many obstacles to be where she is today. Learn more about her story, and how Club has impacted her life.

Great Futures

There is no silver bullet to success. It takes an army of people, a safe environment, high-quality programs and unique experiences to level the playing field for all kids. Boys & Girls Clubs don’t do one thing, we do whatever it takes to build great futures.

Helen & Tiara

Recent alumni and former Junior Staff members, Helen & Tiara, explain how their jobs at the Boys & Girls Clubs have influenced their choices post-graduation and how important their relationships were with Club members.

Chuck Mayhugh

There aren’t many people more devoted to Boys & Girls Club than alum Chuck Mayhugh, who has been a Club member since 1954. Having grown up in Indiana in the 50’s, there was a deep division between races. All of those differences stopped when the Club door opened.

Cody Ramos

What can positive role models and mentors do for youth? For Cody, staff encouragement and community leadership was an important part of his Boys & Girls Club experience.

Matt Leland

There is one momento that Matt LeLand has kept from his childhood that stays close to his heart. While a youth at Boys & Girls Clubs, he received a trophy that means a lot more than winning.

Quinha McBride

Quinha McBride grew up in a world of uncertainty. She found friends and a home at Boys & Girls Clubs.