When and where will Club locations be available?

Starting August 24: Remote Learning Support and Programming Options

We will be providing full-day, in-person remote learning support from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM supporting the following schools: 

  • Fort Collins Club | 1608 Lancer Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80521
  • Harmony Village Club | TBD

What is the cost?

We recognize that these costs are higher than normal Boys & Girls Club membership fees. Due to our increased hours of operation and COVID-19 prevention measures, we are not able to keep our same low fees. The fees below will support the cost to put on this full-day remote learning option. We have scholarships available as we do not want any child to be turned away due to inability to pay.

For full-day remote learning support and enrichment activities:

  • Part time, 1-3 days a week $300 per month ($75 per week, $25 per day)
  • Full time, 4-5 days a week $500 per month ($100 per week, $25 per day)

Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas Frecuentes

Fort Collins Club

1608 Lancer Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Phone: (970) 484-5198

Club Director: Melanie Duncan | mduncan@bgclarimer.org

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Harmony Village Club

2500 E Harmony Road
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Phone: (970) 556-8868

Club Director: Christine Jirsa | cjirsa@bgclarimer.org

Registration coming soon!